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Partnership Guidelines

I am deeply appreciative of the many people who recognize the work I do and reach out to me. As I grow older and wiser, I have realized the need to use my time wisely – focusing on projects that: leverage my unique skills as a teacher, writer, and researcher; deeply resonate with my values and interests; have the most meaningful impact possible; and feel fulfilling to me. 


With this in mind, given the many requests I receive for assistance, I developed the following partnership guidelines.


Pro Bono Work and Collaborative Projects


I am often asked to contribute my labor to various projects. While these projects are usually worthwhile and exciting, I value my time and am consistently overcommitted. I therefore focus my energy as a writer and educator on developing communities, articles, and courses that benefit our entire community of feminist leaders and nonprofit organizations. 


While I do some fee-based consulting work, my goal as an educator is to help people develop their own knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy through books, courses, and Club Fruition. If you would like to suggest a specific topic for an article or course, fill out this form and I’ll consider it in my planning. I also encourage you to join Club Fruition where you can connect with me and other feminist leaders in a meaningful way to explore collaboration opportunities.


If you have limited financial resources (or even if you don’t), I offer many no-cost resources. Check them out here.


Site Visits


I am truly grateful to have been invited to visit many interesting places around the world. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to accept all (if any) of these invitations. I encourage you to regularly share updates on the work that you are doing in the Women’s Creative Leadership Network Facebook group and/or one of the cafés at Club Fruition so that our entire community may learn from and with you.


At this time, I do not have the capacity to organize in-person gatherings; however, this is a future aspiration. To receive updates about these and other opportunities, sign up for the Fruition Coalition and/or Women’s Creative Leadership Network email list. I will also let you know when I am planning to present or facilitate in-person at conferences. In the meantime, please make the most of the online opportunities I facilitate for dialogue and connection with me and others.


Endorsements and Promotion


I never endorse products, services, and organizations that I do not have personal experience with. In fact, while I may share information about specific products, services, or organizations – these are not to be interpreted as endorsements. In addition, I do not use my platform to endorse candidates for political office.  


The online platforms I create are intended to facilitate dialogue, connection, learning, and inspired action. To maintain a positive atmosphere consistent with our values and purpose, promotional posts are generally not allowed. If you are leading or know of an opportunity that may be of interest to our community–such as an educational conference, send me the details. If it resonates with our purpose and values, I may help you get the word out through email, social media, blogs, and/or Fruition Magazine (forthcoming). 




My goal is to build community by creating opportunities for people to connect–as well as to educate and inspire within that community; therefore, I do not mentor individuals. If you are interested in finding or becoming a mentor, I encourage you to post an introduction in the Women’s Creative Leadership Network Facebook group or Club Fruition.


Financial Contributions


I invest my resources in creating opportunities that benefit our entire community. I do not provide direct financial support to individual members or their organizations. In the future, there may be scholarships available for courses or coaching programs. To receive updates about these and other opportunities, sign up for the Fruition Coalition and/or Women’s Creative Leadership Network email list.




I do not provide advice via email. Through Club Fruition, I facilitate a supportive community where many feminist leaders can support, encourage, inform, and inspire one another. You can also post questions about specific situations in our Facebook group. In addition, you can also suggest a specific topic for an article or course using this form. I also offer several free resources.

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